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We're traveling the nation's back roads so watch for us. Our Maine license tag is USA 1


Dawson, Georgia

  Dawson, Georgia Downtown Dawson, Georgia, has a much larger downtown area than most small towns. But as is the case across the country there are far too many vacant storefronts. Dawson is a country town where local people used…
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Wall Street, Frostproof, FL

LuLu, Florida

LULU, FLORIDA Except for the sign on the highway you would never know you were in the small community of LuLu, Florida, just beyond Starke, not far from Lake City on Route 100. It is little more than a place…
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Arcadia, Florida

ARCADIA, FLORIDA Arcadia, Florida is inland, on the Peace River headwaters, well away from the Gulf. To make up for the lack of the fantastic beaches found in the area’s coastal communities it has created its on method of encouraging…
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